Chemical Peels Galway

If there’s one sure way to revitalise your skin, its with the expert’s go to: Acids

Acids/Peels, they sound terrifying, especially when we link them to skincare, but they are one of the biggest beauty buzzwords right now and for good reason.  Why?
Acids pretty much give instant (and cumulative) results. Acids work on the superficial layers of skin, dissolving and breaking down the bond of dead skin cells to leave a fresh, even surface layer. Used correctly, acids are one of the biggest beauty game-changers and a way to transform your skin, whether its brightening dull skin, softening fine lines, dealing with acne or addressing pigmentation.

Why we choose AlumierMD Peels?

AlumierMD is a comprehensive medical skin care line. Combining state of the art science – based formulations with innovative delivery systems, the products and professional treatments address multiple skin concerns and perform progressively over time. They allow us, the professional to tailor regimes to the unique skin profiles of individual clients, from skin type and conditions to variables such as age, ethnicity and climate, to deliver superior results.  The results driven professional treatments and at home medical grade products draw on clinically proven, high performance ingredients and the most advanced delivery systems.

Do you know your skin type? Do you know what products suit your skin? Do you have a skin issue you would like addressed?

We invite you to book a Skin Consultation to determine the most suitable treatment for your skin concerns.